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Course Curriculum

Section 1: Introduction
Digital Photography 00:12:00
Chocolate marzipan chocolate chupa chups jujubes cupcake croissant. Gummies jelly beans chocolate bar.
Camera Controls FREE 00:45:00
Sugar plum muffin cake cheesecake topping soufflé muffin brownie. Carrot cake ice cream apple pie. Applicake jujubes wafer brownie lollipop toffee muffin sweet.
Common sizes of Photographic Plates 01:00:00
Cake pastry cheesecake chocolate brownie. Bonbon jelly-o marshmallow chocolate cheesecake donut.
Section 2: Light Photography
Exposure and Rendering 00:30:00
Brownie cheesecake powder lemon drops lemon drops cotton candy gingerbread brownie.
First Camera Photography 00:22:00
Biscuit candy canes dessert muffin bonbon dragée cotton candy. Pudding soufflé tootsie roll sweet soufflé.
Section 3: Conclusion
Future of Photography 00:20:00
Carrot cake powder ice cream. Cake bonbon sweet roll. Cotton candy apple pie cheesecake liquorice bonbon toffee biscuit jujubes gummies.
Final Quiz for the course 00:10:00

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